Why are some contests missing from aggregate reports?

In some situations, it is not possible to determine whether a contest was won or lost. In these cases, the contests are excluded from aggregate reports so as not to skew results.

There are two types of contest that fall into this category:

  • Satellite contests where the net win reported in the CSV file is incorrect.
  • Free-play contests that have no monetary win.

Satellite Contests

Satellite contests at FanDuel report zero winnings in the history file. If these were left in to your aggregate reports, it would downplay your profit and ROI. Read this FAQ to understand more.

Free-play Contests

If contests with no prize pool — i.e. free-play or "for fun" contests — were left in aggregate reports, they wouldn't affect your profit or ROI in reports (as they cost nothing to enter), but they would downplay your ITM (because you can never get "in the money" when there's no money to win!).

Unfortunately it is not always clear what contests are free-play. Currently RotoTracker detects two types to exclude:

  • All DraftKings contests where the prize pool is zero.
  • Head-to-head Fanduel contests with zero entry fee.

What are "aggregate reports"?

Aggregate reports are any reports where things are added together to give you your total profit, ROI, and ITM — this includes the dashboard homepage, report overview, and all cohort reports.

All satellite and free-play contests will still be listed in reports like contests, entries and opponents.

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