How do the entry results filters work?

RotoTracker+ customers will find two filters in the Entry Results filter dropdown — entry buyins won and finish position % — which are designed to work on the entries report and the finish distribution charts.

As the names imply, entry buyins won filters the entries where you have won more or less than a certain number of buy-ins. The finish position % filter is used to filter entries where you finished within a certain percentile. For example, if you set a range of 0% to 10%, you would only see results where you finished in the top ten percent of the field.

This is particularly useful with the new finish distribution charts, especially when looking at small bucket sizes. Here it is often the case that you want to drill down to only certain finishes.

Note that looking at other reports with these filtered apply still works fine — but the data may not make a lot of sense. It will filter to any contest where at least one entry fits the filter. This is unlikely to be a useful metric for any analysis.

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