Effortless Results Trackingfor Daily Fantasy Sports

Upload your results data from your favorite DFS sites to track your bankroll, analyze your results and see where your strengths lie.

combine: All your daily fantasy sports results in one place.

Upload and analyse your DFS results from multiple sites with just a few clicks. We currently support FanDuel, DraftKings and Yahoo.

And whether you play hundreds, thousands — even hundreds of thousands — of contests, RotoTracker will handle all the data you throw at it.

The weekly dashboard - your DFS results homepage.
Advanced graphing and reports for your Daily Fantasy Sports reults.

visualize: See where your strengths lie.

With RotoTracker you can see how well you've performed with advanced reporting, filtering and charts.

No other DFS bankroll tracking tool has the breadth and depth you need to drill down in your results and really understand your performance.

analyze: Crush the competition.

Our unique Opponents report tells you who you've played head-to-head — and who's winning.

Grouped reporting shows your performance by site, sport, contest type, and more.

Our Contests list groups your entries so you can understand performance in multi-entry contests.

Keep track of your bankroll with our profit/loss graphs.

... plus dozens more features, filters and reports that can be combined in any way you want.

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One of dozens of advanced reports and views.

Watch and Learn

Watch two-time FSWA award winner, DraftKings analyst and seasoned RotoTracker user Adam Levitan take our DFS bankroll tracker for a spin.

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with RotoTracker+

Premium features for all subscribers on our Bronze, Silver or Gold plans. Advanced cohorts, custom graphing, in-depth opponent analysis, report downloads and more.

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