Why is my data from satellite contests wrong?

Sites deal with satellites differently — RotoTracker does what it can.

Unfortunately, Daily Fantasy Sports sites report on the results of satellite/ticket contests differently. Sometimes this means that the full information is not provided in the CSV file, so RotoTracker doesn't have accurate results.


Nearly all the time, DraftKings satellite results are accurate. If you win a ticket in a satellite contest, DraftKings will report this as a monetary win. RotoTracker treats it as such. So if you enter a $10 contest and win a $50 ticket, this counts as a +$40 win to you.

When you use that ticket and enter the contest, DraftKings reports this as a $50 contest entry, and so registers as a $50 loss (plus whatever you win in this contest). So, as long as you use all the tickets you won, DraftKings results are accurate.

In very rare circumstances, some "Day 2" events (possibly limited to "Survivors") report that Day 2 entry as a freeroll (i.e. having zero buy-in), despite you having used a ticket to enter. If this happens, RotoTracker will over-report your profit as it cannot account for the ticket usage. Unfortunately, there's no way RotoTracker can detect this mistake in the DraftKings file.


Unfortunately, FanDuel does not correctly report satellite wins: In the CSV entry history file, it report a ticket win as a $0 win. So if you enter a $10 contest and win a $50 ticket, FanDuel reports this as a $-10 loss! When that ticket is used, the cost of entry is still included (so the buyin will register as -$50). Left untreated, this would greatly under-report your lifetime winnings - all satellites would be losses!

The best RotoTracker can do is exclude satellite contests from aggregate data. So, whenever you see on a cumulative figure in a RotoTracker report or a graph (e.g. total entry cost, total profit, cumulative profit over time), satellite entries at FanDuel have been excluded from this sum. So your results aren't under-reporting by default — but it does mean sadly that total profit figures does not account for these tournaments.


At the time of writing, Yahoo does not have satellite/ticket contests.

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