Can I filter by slate?

Unfortunately, due to a lack of data made available by DFS sites, RotoTracker does not currently support filtering by slate.

By far the most common request we get from customers is whether they can filter by game slate: look at just weekend games, or Sunday afternoons, or by number of games in the slate, etc.

Unfortunately, that's not currently possible with RotoTracker, or indeed with any tool that we are aware of.

The reason is that, unlike other variables — like the sport, the day, the style, and all the other information that RotoTracker lets you sort, filter, chart and group by — slate information is not made available in any of CSV entry history files that you can export from DraftKings, FanDuel, or any other DFS site.

We have tried in the past to get clever and try and work out the slate based on various factors, like the presence of a certain terms in the title, the dates and times of contests etc. However, it never worked well enough to be useful. Unfortunately, there's just not enough consistency between operators (and between different sports on the same operator) to correctly identify slate information.

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