How does the style cohort and filter work?

Style is a special categorization at DraftKings to dinstinguish classic salary-cap contests from other variants.

Beginning in August 2017, RotoTracker added support for DraftKings Style, a new field in the CSV which specifies whether a contest is Arcade, Pick'em or Classic. In October 2018, we expanded our support to handle more DraftKings styles, including Showdown, Showdown Captain Mode and Tiers.

If you are a RotoTracker+ customer, you'll find a new cohort report that shows your results for these different styles. Note that if you have data from other DFS sites, then these will all be classified as "Classic / No Style."

You'll also find a new filter under "General" to restrict all reports to just one type of contest style.

RotoTracker currently understands and reports the following DraftKings styles:

  • Arcade
  • Pick'em
  • Showdown
  • Showdown Captain Mode
  • Non Late Swap
  • Tiers
  • Tiers Non Late Swap

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