How does the opponent draws report work?

The Draws Report can help you get back money directly from DFS operators!

The Opponent Draws Report is a unique feature for RotoTracker+ customers that helps them request refunds directly from daily fantasy sports operators in the case of drawn H2H contests.

Background Information

If you enter a head-to-head contest and both you and your opponent pick the exact same line-up, then you will score equal points. When this happens, your buy-in is returned to you, but typically the operator's fee is retained.

While this is quiet rare, for some high-volume H2H players these cases do occur and the rake stacks up.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings are on the record saying that if you contact customer support when this occurs, they will happily refund the rake to you.

The RotoTracker Draws Report

That's where RotoTracker's unique H2H Draws Report comes in. It lists all your contests where you made a loss, but your loss was less than your buy-in. This indicates that you drew the contest, and you might be able to claim back the fee from these contests.

To make your customer support request as easy as possible, we provide an automatic email you can use as a template. Click the "Email Template" button and you will get some template text that you can copy and paste in your support ticket to each DFS site.

Using This Feature Regularly

Please note that this system does not remember previous requests for refunds, and it has no knowledge if or when these requests are processed. So you need to make sure you remove old resolved contests when doing repeat requests.

To make this job easier, you can use the date filters to filter out older contest. We recommend that you set a regular routine (end of the month, or end of the year) and use the filters to only show drawn H2H contests for the current period. This will automatically contests that you have already sent to customer support.


Sould I send this email template verbatim?

No, you should really customize your email to include your username of the site in question, and include any other pertinent information to assist customer support.

Is the report reliable?

We think the method of filtering to all H2H entries where your loss was less than the buyin is a reliable way of filtering to all "draws." (While we could use the hero and villain points score to check for identical line-ups, this would only work for FanDuel, so we discarded this idea).

However, we offer no guarantees! Please check all the records yourself before contacting customer support. We do not want to over-burden them with spurious requests. The offer to refund the fee might be withdrawn if they are inundated with inaccurate requests for refunds.

With great power comes great responsibility! So please use this function respectfully ;)

Can RotoTracker update my profit when refunds are processed?

No, RotoTracker is not going to have any knowledge of when refunds are processed so this cannot be reflected in the data.

Can I use this for all DFS sites?

We only know that FanDuel and DraftKings are on the record saying they are happy to process refunds. We do not know about other sites. It is probably worth asking customer support first.

And if you have any more knowledge about any changes to DFS sites' policies on this, please contact support!

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