How does the opponent points report, filters and scatter chart work?

Learn how to get the most out of the RotoTracker+ points and scatter reports, plus new opponent filters.

Opponent Points

The Opponent Points report is similar to the straight "profit" report, in that it shows all the opponents you've played against in head-to-head contests and how well you've performed against them. The only difference is the columns shown.

Rather than focus on your profit and loss against each opponent, the points reports shows your points performance. The new columns are:

Av. Score Your average point score against the opponent.
Av. Opponent Score Average score of your opponent when played against you. FanDuel only.
Score Delta This is the average difference between your score and your opponents'. FanDuel only.

As mentioned in the table, only FanDuel makes your opponent's score against you available in the CSV, so this report is much more useful analyzing your FD data.

Scatter Plot

Advanced users only! The scatter plot takes the data above and shows it on a scatter plot. The result set is limited to your most played 1000 FanDuel opponents.

Each dot on the chart represents an opponent. It is positioned with the Score Delta — the average difference in points between you and your opponent — on the X-Axis, and your ITM (winrate) on the Y-Axis. A line-of-best-fit shows the correlation of the data.

If you are a high volume player, this will allow you to predict what point difference you require, on average, for a given win rate. You'll want to limit your result set to a specific sport.

Opponent filters

RotoTracker+ users also have access to unique opponent filters that work only on the opponent reports. You'll find them under the "Head to Head Opponents" section in the filters on the left.

These should be fairly self-explanatory — you can filter the opponent list or scatter plot to only opponents you've played a specific number of times, or have a specific winrate against. This is useful to filter out opponents you have only played once or twice, or identify find those you have positive or negative winrate.

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