RotoTracker Updated to Handle New DraftKings CSV Format

For now, RotoTracker will not error out with new files. It also paves way for much faster and robust importing!

On Tuesday, December 18, DraftKings released an update that changed the format for CSV entry history files. Today (about 16 hours after the update!), RotoTracker has been updated so that it handles the new format.

  • If you tried uploading a file in the last day and had errors, please try uploading again—it should now import correctly.
  • If your upload was stuck in the queue overnight (our systems slowed a lot over night with the repeat upload attempts), the import queue has been cleared down, it should now be imported correctly.
  • If you did not try an upload over the last 24 hours, just proceed as normal, regular service has resumed!

Future Changes

For now, we have just added a quick workaround so that the importer does not blow up with the new file format—a quick fix so you can keep your database up to date. However, the new changes rolled out by DK this week are quite exciting, and it opens up opportunities to greatly improve the speed and robustness of our DK imports.

The file now has two new columns: entry key and contest key. These are unique identifiers that help identify each record. This brings it in-line with what we have at other sites and we can use this to make our DraftKings support even better.

As you'll know, RotoTracker is unique in that it only imports new entries each time you do an update, and that it also groups together entries by contest. With sites like Fanduel and Yahoo, this is quite easy because they have a unique identifier in the CSV file, making it trivial to detect duplicates (and thus avoid importing them). Yahoo also has a contest ID, making it easy to group together contests.

DraftKings, historically, has been much more complicated. Until now it has not included any unique IDs, so RotoTracker has had to use a combination of properties to guess whether an entry is new or not. This works pretty well, but it makes importing slow, and there are the odd edge cases where things go wrong.

The new columns mean we can change how this works and bring it in line with other sites. This will mean much faster DK imports, and much more robust importing.

It will however takes some work before we support it—as we will need to remove a lot of legacy code and update the Sync browser extension. We will also need to consider carefully how to handle both old and new-style data sets gracefully.

Given the busy time of year with the NFL season reaching its final stages, we will likely hold off deployment of this until the new year so as not to disrupt service more than necessary.

RotoTracker Now Supports DraftKings Showdown, Showdown Captain Mode, and more!

Full support for all the new DraftKings "styles."

RotoTracker has been updated to handle all the new DraftKings styles. For all RotoTracker+ customers, this means you will now see all contests grouped by the new styles in the "style" cohort report, and they will all be listed in the style filter dropdown on the left.

A bit of history: Back in the summer of 2017, DraftKings started spreading some different contest types that deviate from the usual salary cap formula, and called them contest "styles." The first two they launched were "Arcade" and "Pick'em" contests. We added support for these soon after they were launched. As of today, RotoTracker is the only bankroll and results tracking tool for DFS that lets you group and filter contests by this new type of contest — which is essential if you want to see how you're trying you hand and these new contest and want to know how you're doing.

Now it's a year later and DraftKings has greatly expanded its styles — adding the single-game contests called "Showdown," a tweak to that called Showdown: Captain Mode, "Tiers" contests, and non-late swap contests. And now we've updated to handle them all! Here's a full list of the Styles that RotoTracker understands:

  • Arcade
  • Pick'em
  • Showdown
  • Showdown Captain Mode
  • Non Late Swap
  • Tiers
  • Tiers Non Late Swap

We started handling these new styles on October 27, 2018. Any file imported since then will be correctly categorized. This will not work retroactively, so if you want older contests categorized by style, you will need to delete a few recent DraftKings uploads then do a re-import.

If you're not yet a member of RotoTracker+, consider upgrading today!

RotoTracker Now Supports DraftKings Tennis Contests!

You can now import your Tennis results and get full support in RT, with filtering, graphing and cohort analysis.

Fantasy Tennis is here, and RotoTracker is ready!

A week or two back, DraftKings started offering tennis contests. To play, you draft six players while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. Contests last just one round of a tennis tournament, with players graded on a variety of performance metrics in their match: Games and sets won and lost, aces and double faults, plus bonuses for taking clean sets, winning the match in straight sets, among many others. Contests for Wimbledon are running now in the lobby.

And of course, RotoTracker is there to help you understand how you're performing. We updated the site to offer first-class support for DraftKings Tennis.

That means tennis files will be correctly imported and classified, with a new symbol to help you identify your tennis results. You'll find a tennis filter in the sports dropdown, and it will be listed in the sport cohort report.

RotoTracker, the world's leading bankroll and results tracking tool for Daily Fantasy Sports, now handles an incredible 15 sports across five daily fantasy sports sites! This includes first-class support for Turkish Euroleague and and WNBA,.

If you don't yet have a DraftKings account, you can sign up here and enter your first Tennis contest today. The new sport is available in every market where DraftKings operates.

And if you don't have a RotoTracker account yet, what are you waiting for? It's free, it's easy to use, and it offers unprecendented insight into your DFS results. Sign up now!

RotoTracker Now Supports DraftKings Euroleague Contests

DraftKings is now running fantasy contests for Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and we've updated RotoTracker to support it!

Any DraftKings contest results with EuroLeague entries will be correctly imported and classified. As you'd expect, you'll find EuroLeague in your sport filter dropdown, in the sport cohort, and we've also added the 2017-2018 EuroLeague season, so you'll find a filter and cohort for that too. Woop!

If you were one of the first to enter the EuroLeague contests over the weekend and upload before this announcement, you will have found that these entries were skipped over. You'll just need to delete your latest DraftKings file upload then do a fresh import, either with an upload or with RotoTracker Sync, your EuroLeague results will import correctly.

RotoTracker now handles 14 sports, across five daily fantasy sports sites — no other tool on the market offers close to this level of support! This includes first-class support for WNBA, which we added back in July, and exclusive support for DraftKings Pick'em and Arcade formats!

Seasons for 2017-2018 Added

Just a bit of house-keeping: We have added to the database of seasons for the new 2017-2018 period, so your latest contests in all the major US sports are now properly categorized. Specifically, you should now see your contests properly grouped under:

  • NFL, NHL, and NBA 2017-2018
  • WNBA 2017
  • CFL 2017
  • MLB 2018 (once March rolls around and the new season gets underway).

As a reminder, all customers can filter by season — you'll find it under the "general" dropdown of filters on the left. RotoTracker+ customers can also enjoy the season cohort feature. Not on RotoTracker+ yet? find out about all the benefits of a premium sub here.

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