FanDuel Bundesliga Support

Just a quick note to say that we have added support in for FanDuel's Bundesliga contests. As all other soccer contests, these will get grouped into the "Soccer" sport.

Update on DraftKings Korean Baseball, Plus COD: Warzone Support

As we wrote yesterday, both major DFS sites have started offering fantasy contests for the Korean Baseball Championship (KBO). We added support for this under a new "Baseball" sport, and categorized new FanDuel contests as such (to keep it distinct from your MLB results).

DraftKings have now completed its first KBO contests too. Unfortunately, they have decided to handle this new sport by categorizing it (rather erroneously) as MLB in your CSV files. So if you did an import in the last day or two, you will see your DraftKings KBO results imported successfully, but categorized as MLB rather than Baseball.

We have just pushed out an update that sniffs the title, and if it starts "KBO" then we instead categorize these as the new Baseball category. It's not ideal (we'd rather DK grouped these distinctly in the CSV file!) but hopefully it is a good quick fix for you so your data matches up. We will monitor this, and if the file format changes, we'll make the necessary updates.

FanDuel also spread a free-to-play contest for Call of Duty: Warzone. They decided to categorize this "warzone." We have added support for this, grouping them under the existing COD sport.

As always, if you had import errors (or if you want your DK KBO sport grouped outside MLB), then just delete your last upload and reimport.

Adding Support for Korean Baseball (KBO)

Both DraftKings and FanDuel are opening up fantasy contests to KBO.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings are adding fantasy contests for the KBO League, the Korean Baseball Championship, the live league of which got underway on Monday.

FanDuel has already completed some one-day contests, and we have updated RotoTracker to handle this new contest type. As always, if you had errors over the last 24 hours, delete your upload and try again to make sure all your data imports correctly.

Notably, FanDuel has categorized this as simply "Baseball," and we have followed suit — you will find the contests put in this new category, distinct from MLB. This makes sense to us as it allows for the flexibility to expand into other niche baseball leagues and group them all together.

None of our users have uploaded KBO results yet, but as soon as they do, we'll work to add in support ASAP. We're not sure how DK will be categorizing these in the CSV file yet, but we will endeavor to match them up with the FD results so they are grouped together.

eNASCAR Comes to DraftKings

A couple of weeks after FanDuel, DraftKings has now added fantasy contests for eNASCAR's pro invitational series — and already we've added RotoTracker support.

We're getting faster and faster responding to new sporting contests added by the big DFS sites!

Over the weekend, DraftKings started spreading fantasy contests for eNASCAR's new pro invitational series. It comes hot on the tails of FanDuel, which added it to its slate a couple of weeks ago.

As of a few moments ago, we added first-class support for this new sport. It will now be correctly categorized in the existing eNASCAR sport — that means if you're playing it across both FD and DK, the contests will be grouped together in the same sport (just like NFL, NBA etc) for analysis.

As always, you'll find a special eNASCAR filter under sports, a line on your sports profit graph, and a listing in the sport cohort report, for deeper analysis of your performance in this growing discipline.

We're pretty fast this time adding in support, but if you were among the few customers who uploaded contests over the last few hours, please delete your upload and do a re-sync to get all your contests imported.

Call of Duty Support Comes to RotoTracker

DraftKings and FanDuel have added fantasy contests on esport Call of Duty.

Update April 28: Support for FanDuel's Fortnite contests also now added!

Within 48 hours of DraftKings and FanDuel added their first Call of Duty fantasy contests, RotoTracker is there with support!

Support for the free-play contests for NFL Drafts at FanDuel are also now supported — we have put these under the "TV" sport category, as it seems something of a niche one-off.

If you received errors over the weekend importing results from these contests, then the simplest fix is to delete these imports and do a fresh upload or Sync.

As always, we endeavor to keep RotoTracker up to date as operators expand their offers over the summer. We have added support for over 25 new contests in the last few weeks! You can see a list of previous additions in our last blog.

If you see a site add something that we don't currently support, please get in touch using the box on the right or emailing us directly. If you can attach an example CSV file with the new sports, that's even better. The sooner we start getting in the data, the sooner we can push out an update.

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