What do all the stats mean on the dashboard?

Here's a quick primer on what each of the statistics mean on your dashboard. Every report on the dashboard is filtered by the time period set at the top, and any quick-filters you have selected.

Key Stats

This section shows a quick overview of your play history.

Entries Total number of contests entries you have entered.
Fees Paid Total of entry fees.
Profit Your net profit or loss — a simple calculation of total won - fees paid
ROI Return on investment. Read more

Cumulative Profit

This shows a graph of your cumulative profit, showing your net profit fluctuating over time. The far right point will be the overall profit for the period, matching the "profit" stat in Key Stats. Depending on which view you are on and how many contests you have entered, this may be grouped together by individual contest, day, month or year.

Biggest Wins

This shows your best cashes during the given time period. It is ordered by highest net profit for a single entry. Click on the entry to get a popup with more information.

Play Breakdown

These donut charts show where you have been putting your action, based on the total number of entries entered.

Profit by Cohort, Profit Per Entry

This dynamic graph shows your net profit broken down by one or two cohorts - it could be contest, sport or site, based on your data and the filters applied. To the right, profit per entry is a useful metric to compare performance.

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