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A blog to keep you up to date with product announcements.

Welcome to the RotoTracker blog, a place to keep all our beloved customers up to date with new product updates, features and bug fixes.

To get notified on new posts, the simplest way would be to follow us on twitter — we'll be sure to shoot out a tweet when we have a new blog post up.

While I have your attention: If you haven't checked it out yet, we recently launched a new support section of our website which answers some of our customer's most common questions. There's also a quick contact-form to fire us off any questions or comments you have. We've also just recently added a search box so hopefully it's easier to find the answer you're looking for.

Not familiar with RotoTracker? Start here. RotoTracker is the premier bankroll tracking tool for daily fantasy sports. It is totally free to try it out — so you should sign up today. Seriously. Go now!

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