Why We Never go Head to Head

Your privacy and security has always been our top priority and it always will be.

When we were first in the throws of designing and building RotoTracker we wanted to make sure that our customers felt safe and secure in the knowledge that no one can access or abuse their data. Now that RotoTracker is becoming the go-to bankroll tracking tool we want to make sure our customers still feel that way.

Only if you ask us to look into a specific problem with your DFS data will we ever see your data. By default all your data is kept private and secure. If you use our sharing features like our Share Dashboard feature you will be agreeing to make your data public.

Also, no-one at RotoTracker plays head to head DFS, on any site we support.

Anytime we share data (sometimes we put screenshots on twitter or on Facebook or create screencasts) it has been created on a fake account—this is not our own data and neither is it someone else’s. It is a completely automated fake account so that we can show the capabilities of RotoTracker without compromising anyone’s data.

If you are still worried about your DFS data or have any concerns please get in touch as we want to be as open and transparent as possible.

Are you ready for CFL? RotoTracker is!

RotoTracker updated to support Canadian Football, now at DraftKings.

Who knew the Canadians played football?

Well DraftKings certainly did, having signed a deal with the Canadian Football League (CFL) last week and is offering CFL contests throughout the 2016 season.

Turns out a lot of you guys know about CFL too. Dozens of you uploaded around 1000 contest entry results to RotoTracker over the opening weekend!

Thankfully, here at RotoTracker we're a pro-active bunch. We added support for CFL results before the first contests got underway, so from day 1 everyone's Canadian Football results were imported into RotoTracker without a hitch. For those with CFL results, you'll see it as a sport in the filter dropdown, in your sport cohort, and we've added CFL 2016 dates for the season dropdown.

It's a pretty exciting addition to DraftKings, as it's another sport to takes us through the quieter summer period, when the NBA, NFL and NHL all on hiatus. CFL is exclusive to DraftKings right now, so if you want to scratch your football fantasy itch and don't yet have an account, sign up today.

New Share Dashboard Feature

Share your latest results with your friends with one button click.

In case you missed it, last week we launched a new share dashboard feature that allows you to share any dashboard you like publicly or privately. Look out for the new lime green button in the top right of your dashboard view.

Our new share dashboard feature is totally opt-in, so if this doesn’t sound for you and you don't want to ever share your dashboard, don’t worry. RotoTracker will work in exactly the same way as before and we won’t force you into sharing anything you don't want too. Your results data is kept completely private by default — that's not changing.

But, for those of you wanting to share their results among friends, co-workers or publicly on social media, you now can, and you have full control on how and what you want to share. Whether you had a hot weekend, a crushing month or winning season, you can create a dashboard snapshot of that time period, then just click to share. Think of it like taking a living screenshot at a moment in time of your data. If you later upload new results, your snapshots won't update. You can always take another snapshot if you want to share your latest results again, but each share is ultimate a static picture of your results.

We have set up an FAQ page here to answer any burning questions you might have. If we haven’t covered your particular query drop us an email and we will get straight back to you.

Big Updates to the RotoTracker Dashboard

Sexy graphs abound.

Last week we rolled out a major update to the RotoTracker dashboard, adding new graphs, rolling out a bunch of improvements and fixing a few bugs.

Probably most notable is the Visualize Profit chart has had a total revamp, switching to a new horizontal bar graph and adding a whole new "profit per entry" display. The graph will switch intelligently between site and sport depending on what you play, and now shows up to five categories.

Also getting an overhaul is the cumulative profit chart, which is now much smarter. It will switch between cumulative profit by contest, day of the week or month depending on how much you've played, and it will sample your data so there's always the right number of data points to display. It handles negative values much better (not that you'd ever see that!), has improved axes, and a bunch of other fixes.

There's over a dozen other improvements with rolled in to this update. Just to name a few: You'll notice the date navigation stays with you as you scroll, the top contests lists is expanded to show your best 10, display on mobile and tablet is much improved, and you'll find more slices in the donut charts.

Head to your dashboard now to check out the new features, and let us know what you think!

DraftKings Change to Golf Results

We've pushed out an update to fix a new format for golf results.

Over the weekend, DraftKings made a small change to their CSV format, changing the identifier for Golf tournaments from PGA to GOLF. We pushed out an updated on Monday that handles both the old and new formats.

A few of you uploaded results over the weekend with new Golf results before we put this update live, and these results would have been skipped over. If you think you're missing any of your golf results, the quickest way to fix the data is to delete the file and re-upload it. All new results will be reimported, including your golf data.

For more information on deleting entry history files, see here.

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