New Share Dashboard Feature

Share your latest results with your friends with one button click.

In case you missed it, last week we launched a new share dashboard feature that allows you to share any dashboard you like publicly or privately. Look out for the new lime green button in the top right of your dashboard view.

Our new share dashboard feature is totally opt-in, so if this doesn’t sound for you and you don't want to ever share your dashboard, don’t worry. RotoTracker will work in exactly the same way as before and we won’t force you into sharing anything you don't want too. Your results data is kept completely private by default — that's not changing.

But, for those of you wanting to share their results among friends, co-workers or publicly on social media, you now can, and you have full control on how and what you want to share. Whether you had a hot weekend, a crushing month or winning season, you can create a dashboard snapshot of that time period, then just click to share. Think of it like taking a living screenshot at a moment in time of your data. If you later upload new results, your snapshots won't update. You can always take another snapshot if you want to share your latest results again, but each share is ultimate a static picture of your results.

We have set up an FAQ page here to answer any burning questions you might have. If we haven’t covered your particular query drop us an email and we will get straight back to you.

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