New: How To Videos

Our new series of "How To" videos are designed to help you get the most out of RotoTracker.

For all our new RotoTracker users we have created just the thing for you to get started. This new series of How To videos will help you get the most out of RotoTracker in just a few minutes.

The first two videos that are currently on our YouTube channel are all about how to upload your data to our site, whether you are doing it manually or by using our Chrome Extension.

To keep up to date with all our videos as soon as they are released you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Check out the videos below.

How To Manually Upload Data

How To Use RotoTracker Sync

The Adam Levitan Screencasts Have Landed

Adam does what he does best, as he takes to RotoTracker to analyze two sets of DFS data.

We said we would get Adam to analyze two sets of RotoTracker data and we did just that.

In the series of screencasts Adam delves deep into two sets of DFS data to use RotoTracker to find the player's strengths and weaknesses, focusing particularly on game selection, and why it should matter to any DFS player wanting to find an edge.

Check out the videos below.

Screencast Part 1

Screencast Part 2

Introducing Dashboard Filters

Now filter your dashboard by site, sport and contest category.

We've recently rolled out a new featured called dashboard filters which, as the name would imply, allows you to filter all the data presented on your dashboard.

Until now we've kept the dashboard pretty simple: The goal is to show you, at a glance, how well you've performed in recent contests. We purposefully kept it very minimalist — just a way to choose a week, month or year to see your results. We always have more advanced reports and filters for drilling down further in your results.

But we heard from lots of you that you'd love a bit more control over your dashboard, so we've expanded things with some simple dropdown filters. You can now with a couple of clicks filter all data displayed on your dashboard to just one DFS site, one sport, or one category. These filters can be combined, and you can also bookmark these links: this link will take you to your dashbaord showing all your DraftKings NFL results in 2015, for example

Perhaps the best feature about this is it also works for Dashboard Shares. So if you want to show off just your head-to-head contests last month, now you can!

Give filters a spin on your RT dashboard »

Get ahead this NFL season with the RotoTracker Summer Sale!

25% off on all subscriptions for all new customers.

As football fever is fast approaching we wanted to give all users of RotoTracker 25% off their first subscription. This offer lasts until September 1, so don't wait around!

For all existing free users, all you need to do is add the coupon code NFL2016 to your account and make a purchase before midnight on the 31st August.

If you haven't yet signed up to RotoTracker, you can set up your free account and enter in your NFL coupon code here.

Thank You

Adam Levitan Analysis Coming Soon

Thanks to all our users who got in touch over the past two weeks to ask if their data could be analyzed by Adam Levitan.

We had a great response and it'll be hard to pick just two sets of data for analysis--but are looking forward to sharing the screencasts once they are made.

We'll be in touch with the two lucky users soon.

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