Are you ready for CFL? RotoTracker is!

RotoTracker updated to support Canadian Football, now at DraftKings.

Who knew the Canadians played football?

Well DraftKings certainly did, having signed a deal with the Canadian Football League (CFL) last week and is offering CFL contests throughout the 2016 season.

Turns out a lot of you guys know about CFL too. Dozens of you uploaded around 1000 contest entry results to RotoTracker over the opening weekend!

Thankfully, here at RotoTracker we're a pro-active bunch. We added support for CFL results before the first contests got underway, so from day 1 everyone's Canadian Football results were imported into RotoTracker without a hitch. For those with CFL results, you'll see it as a sport in the filter dropdown, in your sport cohort, and we've added CFL 2016 dates for the season dropdown.

It's a pretty exciting addition to DraftKings, as it's another sport to takes us through the quieter summer period, when the NBA, NFL and NHL all on hiatus. CFL is exclusive to DraftKings right now, so if you want to scratch your football fantasy itch and don't yet have an account, sign up today.

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