Why We Never go Head to Head

Your privacy and security has always been our top priority and it always will be.

When we were first in the throws of designing and building RotoTracker we wanted to make sure that our customers felt safe and secure in the knowledge that no one can access or abuse their data. Now that RotoTracker is becoming the go-to bankroll tracking tool we want to make sure our customers still feel that way.

Only if you ask us to look into a specific problem with your DFS data will we ever see your data. By default all your data is kept private and secure. If you use our sharing features like our Share Dashboard feature you will be agreeing to make your data public.

Also, no-one at RotoTracker plays head to head DFS, on any site we support.

Anytime we share data (sometimes we put screenshots on twitter or on Facebook or create screencasts) it has been created on a fake account—this is not our own data and neither is it someone else’s. It is a completely automated fake account so that we can show the capabilities of RotoTracker without compromising anyone’s data.

If you are still worried about your DFS data or have any concerns please get in touch as we want to be as open and transparent as possible.

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