How does dashboard sharing work?

Take a snapshot of your database and brag among your friends.

Dashboard sharing is a new opt-in feature to let users share their daily fantasy sports results. Here's the most important things to know about dashboard sharing.

  • It is totally opt-in. By default all your data is kept private. Dashboards are only shared if you explicitly decide to do so. We take your privacy seriously.
  • Dashboards are one-time snapshots. Think of it like creating a dynamic screenshot frozen at that moment in time. If you later upload new results, your snapshots do not update. You can always take another one each tim you want to share your latest results.
  • Your dashboard snapshots are your own. If you keep your dashboard set as "unlisted" — the default setting — then no one is going to know about it unless you choose to share it either privately or publicly among friends.
  • You can view, modify and delete your saved dashboards at any time. There's a page to view all your saved dashboards where you can browse through everything you've done.

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