Do you support the new DraftKings 2017 CSV format to better handle head-to-head contests?

Yes! DraftKings updated their CSV that allowed us to improve our support for H2H contests. You need to set your DraftKings screen name to get the most accurate results.


DraftKings does not expose your opponent's name consistently in the contest history file. RotoTracker tries to work out your opponent's name by stripping it out of the contest title. However, historically this only worked if you started the contest; if you sat someone else's head to head contest, then the contest title would not record the opponent and RotoTracker could not import it.

However, in January 2017, our users reported that DraftKings contest titles had changed — it now showed (at least for some contests) both contestants in a Head to Head contest, regardless of who started it. This gave us the opportunity to improve our support of opponent names in head to head contests.

In March 2017, we updated RotoTracker to support this new contest title format. To work correctly, it requires users to set their DraftKings name in their user settings so that the importer knows who you are and who your opponent is.


DraftKings has not retroactively applied this to contests before January 28, 2017. Contests where you sat another player prior to this date will still have blanks for the opponent name.

For New RotoTracker Users

  • Go to your account settings page.
  • At the bottom, there is a text field to enter in your DraftKings name. Type it in and save settings.
  • Import your data as normal. Enjoy!

For Existing RotoTracker Users Who Imported H2H Data Between January 2017 and March 2017

  • Go to your account settings page. At the bottom, there is a text field to enter in your DraftKings name.
  • The system may have guessed what your DraftKings name is ‐ if the field is filled in, check it is correct. If it is empty, enter in your DraftKings name. Save settings.
  • This change does not apply retroactively. To get the most accurate results, you need to delete any DraftKings imported files since January 28 (the date we believe DraftKings made the change). Learn how to delete your data.
  • Do a fresh import of your DraftKings data, either using RotoTracker Sync or regular file upload.
  • Enjoy more accurate head to head results!

I didn't set my DraftKings name in settings and imported my data and I'm seeing my DraftKings name in the Opponents tab. What should I do?

Follow the steps outlined above: Delete any DraftKings imported files, set your DraftKings name and re-import.

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