Where are all my head-to-head opponents?

Not all sites provide data on your heads up opponents — RotoTracker does the best it can.


These sites do it right — for every head-to-head contest, entry history files include the name of your opponent and your opponent's score. RotoTracker imports all this and provides you with accurate reports on your head-to-head results.


Yahoo does not include any details on your opponents in head to head contests — no opponent names, no opponent scores.

But we don't give up that easily! Contest titles include the name of the player who created the contest (the bit after the "vs" in "Head to Head vs DFSBalla2016xxx"). RotoTracker strips that out and uses it as the opponent's name (it also removes it from the name of the contest, for your sanity). It also runs a regular check to guess what your name is, so that it does not think you're an opponent of yourself. That wouldn't make much sense.

In summary: with Yahoo, if you sit people in head-to-head contests, we'll record that. If people sit you, there's no way to get the opponent name and they will show as "Unknown" in head-to-head reports.


While DraftKings does not officially include the opponent name in the CSV file, RotoTracker strips it out of the contest title, like it does with Yahoo results (see above). And as of March 2017, contest titles reliably show both you and your opponent's name in the title of every contest. So we will always be able to report on who you played against, regardless of whether you sat them or vice versa.

To get the best results, you need to set your DraftKings username in your account settings. RotoTracker will try to guess this for you, but sometimes it won't work. Once you have this set, you will want to delete then your DraftKings data, then re-import it. Learn how to delete your file uploads.

Unforunately, DraftKings does not export villain points, so we can't show you that

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