Why is my data from DraftKings in 2013 and 2014 wrong?

There was a DraftKings bug in CSV files which is now reportedly fixed.

Funny story. So in January 2016 we started receiving reports from new customers that they've imported all their old historical data, and RotoTracker was telling them they were massive losers back in 2013 and 2014. They assured us that they couldn't have sucked that much back in those days. So we looked in to it.

It turns out that DraftKings had introduced a bug where all data prior to April 2014 had a $0 in the winnings column of the CSV file, regardless of whether the user won the contest or not.

DraftKings confirmed to us that they were aware of the bug, but fixing the issue was not trivial and they had no timeline on when it would be fixed. Customers were advised to email customer support, who could provide them with an accurate results file.

The issue did not affect all DraftKings users, and it appears now (given the lack of recent reports of this bug) that this problem has now been fixed for everyone. If you do still have this problem, let us (and DraftKings!) know.

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