I'm missing some DraftKings contest results. Where have they gone?

On very rare occasions, the importer can miss DraftKings results. Simply delete recent file uploads and do a new import to fix.

How to fix missing DraftKings contests

  • Roll back your database prior to the point where you think you're missing contests. Do this by deleting DraftKings files that you have imported since this time. Learn how to delete your data.
  • Run a fresh import, either using RotoTracker Sync or regular file upload.

Some explanation

One thing that makes RotoTracker great is that you don't need to do a fresh import every time you want to update your data — RotoTracker intelligently works out what new contests it needs to import and skips the rest. This means even with really big databases, synchronizing your data is quick and painless.

Unfortunately, getting this to work perfectly with DraftKings is not easy. Firstly, rows in the DraftKings CSV file have no unique identifier, so it is not easy to identify whether a result has already been imported or not. Secondly, DraftKings has a tendency to retroactively change historical data in old files — even contest titles — making this job even more difficult. Finally, the order that contest entries come in can be unpredictable.

While RotoTracker handles many of these edge-cases, on rare occasions it is tripped up. One known case is when new contests appear lower down in the file than contests previously imported. Our importer will think these have already been imported, when in fact the contests are new. Uploading new files doesn't fix it, because the importer will see the top of the file as old and skip the rest.

How to avoid the issue in the future

The problem appears to occur when an import us run when some contests are still ongoing. This is most common over a weekend slate. Contests that subsequently end could appear lower down in the CSV file, and be missed at next import. If you wish to avoid the issue, the best thing you can do is only run an import (or Sync with RotoTracker Sync) when you have no pending contests.

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