How much do your subscriptions cost, and what's the right subscription for me?

RotoTracker is completely free for low volume DFS players, and we have different paid tiers to suit higher volume players.

RotoTracker comes in four flavors: Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold Unlimited. Each tier is differentiated by two things:

  • The maximum number of entries visible in your reports.
  • whether you have access to RotoTracker+ power features.

All payment plans unlock RotoTracker+, which adds full data export capabilities, advanced cohort reporting, style support, H2H opponent analysis and more.

Find out more about RotoTracker+ here »

Each tier offers two different billing periods: Monthly and Annual. Annual subscriptions amount to a discount of 40% to 60% off our monthly prices. Both can be canceled at any time.

Tier Monthly subscription Annual subscription Max entries displayed in reports RT+
Free - - 750 No
Bronze $6.50 $45 ($3.75/month) 2500 Yes
Silver $12.50 $90 ($7.50/month) 25,000 Yes
Gold Unlimited $32.50 $234 ($19.50/month) No limit! Yes

Regardless of your tier, you can upload all your data each week, and access all our standard features completely free: The dashboard, browser extension, extensive reports and everything else is available to all users.

Also keep in mind that your latest results are always shown. This means that, even if you have lots of data, you can stay on the free tier and upload your results each week, and always see how you performed in your latest contests (that could be your last week or month, depending on your volume).

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