How does upgrading or downgrading my account work?

You'll only be billed a pro-rated amount — it's all handled automatically.

You can easily upgrade, downgrade and change billing periods in your account subscription area. If you upgrade, you’ll be refunded what was left on your existing subscription, then billed only a pro-rated amount for your upgraded tier. It's all handled automatically.

Say you have purchased an annual Bronze subscription and, six months through your billing period, you want to upgrade to Silver. Here's how the math works:

  • You get back the remaining time on Bronze Year - $22.50 (half of $45 you paid)
  • You'll be charged the cost of six months of Annual Silver - $45 (half of $90 for an annual sub)
  • On your card, you'll be billed that difference - $22.50 ($45-$22.50) and receive six months of Silver access.
  • After six months, you'll then be on a regular Annual Silver cycle (assuming no cancellation or other subscription changes).

If that all sounds complicated then don't worry — it is all taken care for you. Calculations are done to the minute and work down to the cent, so you're only ever charged exactly what is fair. You'll receive an invoice that breaks it all down for you if you want to check our math :)

What about downgrading?

The process works the same for downgrading — you'll get money back for what remains, minus the cost of the new, lower tier, for the remaining time.

The important distinction here is that the result will be a credit on your account. We do not automatically refund this money back to your card, but the excess amount will be saved as credit, and next time you are billed for any RotoTracker services this credit will be used.

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