What's with the extra steps for DraftKings sync?

This is to adhere to strict rules DraftKings has on third-party tools.

In January 2016, DraftKings implemented new rules on third-party tools on how they interface with the DraftKings website. You can read more about what happened here.

These new rules prohibit any tool from directly accessing the website, and we were informed that RotoTracker Sync — despite only hitting a single URL to download the CSV file — contravened this rule. For that reason, we removed the fully automated sync process in the browser extension.

Instead, we built what we think is a pretty nifty solution. While the user still does the CSV download, we added in drag-and-drop support to the extension, and the CSV file is still processed locally before being automatically uploading to the RotoTracker servers. While it may be two extra clicks, the upload process is just as fast as before.

And you can sleep soundly at night knowing that RotoTracker Sync fully conforms to DraftKings' software policy. Indeed, the extension does not even request the browser permissions to access the draftkings.com website — so you can rest assured that RT Sync follows the new rules to a T.

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