Why is the extension skipping some results?

On rare occasions, RT Sync can get confused by FanDuel and Yahoo results — but there's a setting to fix this.

RotoTracker Sync first downloads your CSV file, then it goes through it and tries to detect what's new. When it hits a line that it has processed before, it stops and only sends up the new data. That way you don't have to send big multi-megabyte files each time, and the browser extension can tell you exactly how much new data it has found.

That all works fine in 99% of cases, but it is not bulletproof. If you perform a sync while you still have contests pending, the CSV file will only import completed contests; next time you do a sync, the contests that are now completed can appear lower down the file. While the extension does try to handle this scenario, it can still get tripped up on rare occasions. When that happens, some contest results won't be sent up to the RotoTracker servers.

Thankfully, if this happens to you there's an easy fix. In the Sync Settings on the extension, you'll see an option to override default settings. Enable this and RotoTracker Sync will not perform the "have I done this contest before" check and upload everything it detects (you can set just how many contest entries to send up).

If anything has been skipped over, enabling this setting will find them and send them up to RotoTracker. And don't worry — RotoTracker won't import duplicates.

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