Sync support for DraftKings is back on RotoTracker Sync!

In March we updated our Chrome browser extension to add back in support for DraftKings that follows their new policy on third party tools. The details below are for historical purposes only.

— March, 2016

DraftKings' Policy Change

On January 22, 2016, DraftKings released a statement regarding a change of policy towards the use of third-party automated tools, or "scripts," that interact with the DraftKings website. Effective January 29, 2016, DraftKings will prohibit customers from using scripts and other automated means of interacting with the site.

RotoTracker offers a free Chrome browser extension, RotoTracker Sync, that helps users download their results data from various Daily Fantasy Sports websites. We initially assumed that our extension would not contravene DraftKings' new policy, as the extension does not interact with the site beyond downloading a CSV file. However, seeking further clarification, we were notified by DraftKings on January 27, 2016, that this behaviour would indeed be considered in violation of the policy.

What We've Done

Our first priority is ensure that our users in no way accidentally contravene these new rules by using RotoTracker Sync. For that reason, we have temporarily disabled support for DraftKings in the RotoTracker extension.

Version 2.2.1 was submitted to the Chrome app store in the morning of January 28, and was approved later that day. Chrome extensions automatically update, so customers who already have it installed will be updated to the latest version automatically. If any user still has v 2.2.0, they should try closing down all browser windows and opening it again, as this prompts the update.

In place of the "sync" button for DraftKings is a button that takes the user directly to the DraftKings website to manually download their CSV file. Users will then need to upload this file manually to the RotoTracker website.

Next Steps

We understand that the lack of sync support for DraftKings is frustrating to many of our users, and we are committed to making it as seemless as possible to keep your results data up to date.

We are working on a solution that restores much of the functionality while keeping within the new rules. We expect to have a fresh update in the coming days.