RotoTracker Now Supports DraftKings Tennis Contests!

You can now import your Tennis results and get full support in RT, with filtering, graphing and cohort analysis.

Fantasy Tennis is here, and RotoTracker is ready!

A week or two back, DraftKings started offering tennis contests. To play, you draft six players while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. Contests last just one round of a tennis tournament, with players graded on a variety of performance metrics in their match: Games and sets won and lost, aces and double faults, plus bonuses for taking clean sets, winning the match in straight sets, among many others. Contests for Wimbledon are running now in the lobby.

And of course, RotoTracker is there to help you understand how you're performing. We updated the site to offer first-class support for DraftKings Tennis.

That means tennis files will be correctly imported and classified, with a new symbol to help you identify your tennis results. You'll find a tennis filter in the sports dropdown, and it will be listed in the sport cohort report.

RotoTracker, the world's leading bankroll and results tracking tool for Daily Fantasy Sports, now handles an incredible 15 sports across five daily fantasy sports sites! This includes first-class support for Turkish Euroleague and and WNBA,.

If you don't yet have a DraftKings account, you can sign up here and enter your first Tennis contest today. The new sport is available in every market where DraftKings operates.

And if you don't have a RotoTracker account yet, what are you waiting for? It's free, it's easy to use, and it offers unprecedented insight into your DFS results. Sign up now!

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