RotoTracker Adds First-Class Support for WNBA Contests Results from Fanduel and DraftKings

DraftKings only added WNBA at the weekend, but we're on the ball!

Over the weekend, DraftKings added support for WNBA, and we've updated RotoTracker to best handle it. We have also now added the WNBA 2017 season in your season filter dropdown.

This follows on from an update in May to correctly import Fanduel WNBA results. So we can now say confidently that we have best-in-class support for the sport that's proving popular with DFS fans!

Customers who imported DK WNBA data from over the weekend will have seen that entries imported fine, but they were classified as NBA rather than WNBA. That's not ideal; fans of the sport will know that FanDuel added WNBA back in May, and these were correctly categorized as a separate WNBA sport.

So we updated RotoTracker to correctly classify these results from DK. Going forward, any WNBA contest result you import will be correctly grouped as WNBA. We also retroactively re-classified all imports from the weekend for all our customers who entered DraftKings' first WNBA contests.

Technical side note: The DraftKings CSV file reports the entry as NBA, so to get this working, we are also analyzing the contest title to look for a mention of WNBA. Right now this is very effective (all WNBA contests from the weekend handily start "WNBA... ") but moving forward DraftKings might mix up their titles and we will need to update our importer. We'll keep in eye on it, but if you see a misclassified contests please let us know!

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