New RotoTracker Features Released

Entry fee filter on dashboard, column sorting on all cohort reports, plus improved prize-pool filtering.

Our end of season flurry of features and improvements to RotoTracker continues!

Entry Fee Filter on Dashboard

A long-standing user suggestion is to add an entry fee filter alongside site, sport, and category filters on the dashboard, so we're excited to finally have this feature live. Like the other filters, this can be chained with the others, and dashboard URLs can be bookmarked and linked to (this link will take you to your 2017 mid-stakes MLB results, for example).

And, of course, the new filter also works for Shared Dashboards. Here's how it all works:

Cohort table sorting

Back in June, we introduced the new Dates tab, splitting out the month and year cohorts into a new section and introducing cohort table sorting. Now we've introduced this feature to all other cohort reports.

That means you can easily see, for example, the day of the week you score best, the site you have the highest ROI, or the contest category makes you the most profit.

Better Prize Pool Filter

Last week, we talked about a change at DraftKings with super-high volume players being restricted by what contests they could enter. RotoTracker is unique in tracking and letting you filter by prize pool, and we've further improved this functionality so you can better understand what impact this change may have on you.

You'll find now under the Prize Pools filter a new option under the "preset range" filter — "less than $25k." As the name would suggest, this will filter out to all contests with prize pools less than (but not including) $25k prize pools. There's also new min and max drop-downs to give you even more control over prize pool filtering.

We'll do a follow-up blog post soon explaining exactly how RotoTracker can help you understand this DraftKings change and the impact could have on your results soon. Stay tuned!

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