Use RotoTracker to Keep Track of Your Lifetime Buy-ins On DraftKings

DraftKings has a new rule that restricts high-volume players.

Beginning August 1, 2017, DraftKings implemented a new rule that restricts players with over $1 million in lifetime entry fees from entering all contests with a buy-in under $5 and a prize pool of less than $25,000.

If you're interested in how close you are to this $1 million marker, RotoTracker can help out. You can get your lifetime fees stat right on the dashboard with just a couple of clicks:

You can also do this from the Dates report — again, just make sure you filter to DraftKings if you play on more than one site:

And if you want to know what the impact will be if you hit this level, you can using RotoTracker's advanced filters. Filter to tournaments with a buy-in less than $5 and with a prize pool less than $25,000, to see at-a-glance how well you have performed in these games!

There's more we can do here, and we'll look to add even more functionality that will help you react to this change. Stay tuned!

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