RotoTracker Sync v3.0.18 with FanDuel Fix Now Live in Stores!

We're happy to announce that our latest update to RotoTracker Sync has been published in both the Chrome and Firefox web stores.

This version fixes an issue detected last Friday with FanDuel syncing. We're very happy to say that we got a fix out with an hour of being alerted to it. It was approved immediately in the Firefox Add-ons store, and was approved in the Chrome web store within 36 hours.

If you have RotoTracker Sync already installed, it should update to the new version automatically. You can check by loading the extension and looking at the number in the bottom right — you should see v3.0.18. If you still see v3.0.17, then try shutting down all your browser window then reopening them — that usually prompts the browser to check for extension updates.

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