RotoTracker Sync: FanDuel Support Currently Down - Fix Has Been Submitted!

v3.0.18 fixes the recent problem, but it is currently awaiting approval in the Chrome web store.

A recent change to the FanDuel website means that the current version of RotoTracker Sync (v3.0.17) no longer works with downloading FanDuel files.

The good news is that we already have a fix! RotoTracker Sync v3.0.18 fixes this issue and restores full FanDuel support. This version has been submitted to both the Chrome and Firefox add-on stores.

The bad news is that the Chrome Developer Store has a new verification process which may delay the update being made available to users. In the past, small updates have gone live in the store within a matter of hours. However, the Chrome Store is now advising us that it could take up to 30 days for new submissions to be approved.

Fingers crossed it does not take that long! While much fewer people use it, the Firefox version has also been updated and this is likely to go live in the store very soon. We will update this blog post and our Twitter @RotoTracker once the new extensions are live in their respective stores.

When they are put in the store, you shouldn't have to do anything — it should update automatically. Sometimes, closing and reopening your browser is necessary to see the update. You can check which version you have in the extension itself - in the bottom right you will see the version number.

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