RotoTracker Now Supports DraftKings Showdown, Showdown Captain Mode, and more!

Full support for all the new DraftKings "styles."

RotoTracker has been updated to handle all the new DraftKings styles. For all RotoTracker+ customers, this means you will now see all contests grouped by the new styles in the "style" cohort report, and they will all be listed in the style filter dropdown on the left.

A bit of history: Back in the summer of 2017, DraftKings started spreading some different contest types that deviate from the usual salary cap formula, and called them contest "styles." The first two they launched were "Arcade" and "Pick'em" contests. We added support for these soon after they were launched. As of today, RotoTracker is the only bankroll and results tracking tool for DFS that lets you group and filter contests by this new type of contest — which is essential if you want to see how you're trying you hand and these new contest and want to know how you're doing.

Now it's a year later and DraftKings has greatly expanded its styles — adding the single-game contests called "Showdown," a tweak to that called Showdown: Captain Mode, "Tiers" contests, and non-late swap contests. And now we've updated to handle them all! Here's a full list of the Styles that RotoTracker understands:

  • Arcade
  • Pick'em
  • Showdown
  • Showdown Captain Mode
  • Non Late Swap
  • Tiers
  • Tiers Non Late Swap

We started handling these new styles on October 27, 2018. Any file imported since then will be correctly categorized. This will not work retroactively, so if you want older contests categorized by style, you will need to delete a few recent DraftKings uploads then do a re-import.

If you're not yet a member of RotoTracker+, consider upgrading today!

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