DraftKings Arcade and Pick'em Formats - Understanding RotoTracker+

In this series of blog posts, we look at some of the features of RotoTracker+, an exclusive set of advanced features available to all subscribers of our Bronze, Silver and Gold plans.

Over the Summer of 2017, DraftKings added two new types of contest ‐ Arcade and Pick'em.

Arcade Mode, to give it its full title, was a simplified contest type for MLB (other sports maybe be coming) where players select one pitcher and five hitters, with no positional requirements on the hitters. Contest are focused on a smaller group of games rather than a full slate, and the points scoring system was changed up to add more variety. You can find out more about this format here.

Pick'em is a similar simplified format, tried for both MLB and NFL. Rather than a salary cap, you draft a team by simply picking one player from each tier. There's around eight tiers in total. More info here.

In August 2017, DraftKings started exporting this contest "style" — Classic, Pick'em and Arcade — in the entry history CSV. RotoTracker is the only tool available that correctly support this new field, letting you view a cohort and filter to only one contest style.

Using the New Style Features in RotoTracker+

Any contests played after August 2017 will be correctly categorized as Classic, Pick'em and Arcade, there's nothing you need to do. If you are currently a free user and are considering upgrading to RotoTracker+, you won't need to do anything — the minute you purchase a Bronze, Silver and Gold plan, all your existing data will be correctly categorized instantly.

Your first point of interest will be the new Style cohort report, which shows you your performance grouped by style. Note that, if you play on other sites, these will all be classified as "Classic / No Style."

Like all Cohort reports, you can use the full filter functionality to narrow down your results, download the table in CSV, and use Cohort Graphing to chart this data.

There's also a Style filter, which applies to all your reports. Say you want to exclude all your results to just Classic contests: Simply set the filter, and then every graph and report will filter out all Arcade and Pick'em contests. Simple!

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