RotoTracker Adds Support for FanDuel's Beat The Score Contests

New category opens up possibility for special BTS reports in the future!

FanDuel Beat the Score logo

On Sunday, we pushed out an updated that fully supports FanDuel's Beat the Score (BTS) contests. Now, when you import results with BTS, these will now be categorized correctly in their own category (instead of being grouped into GPP like before). That means you will see BTS in your category cohort and it'll be a filter in the category filter dropdown.

Perhaps even more importantly, BTS will now not be included when you filter to GPP. This is especially useful when looking at the new rad finish distribution charts (which we have yet to blog about — more on that soon!)

As always, these changes do not work retroactively — so if you have have historic BTS results you want properly categorized, you will need to delete previous FanDuel uploads then do a reimport or Sync again. When they are imported, they will be properly categorized.

However, what's most exciting about this update is that we are also storing the target score of the contest. This opens up some exciting opportunities for special BTS-special reports — like seeing how far above/below the target you finish. There are also some contests you can "beat" (going over the score) but still make a loss when the threshold is so low that too many people beat it to make money — RotoTracker should be able to help you identify these situations and choose the most profitable thresholds.

We are still working on these special reports, but because we are storing the target score from now, these future reports will work retroactively (assuming you do a delete/re-import now, as described above).

Actually, we'd like you to help us add these new BTS reports. Are you a BTS player? Got ideas on how we can best show reports, filters and charts for these contests using the new "target score" column? We want to put together a small focus group of RotoTracker+ customers to try out new features and give us feedback.

If you'd be interesting help us shape this exciting new feature, please get in touch with the form on the right-hand side or by shooting us an email directly. Just put "BTS focus group" in the title or first line of the message!

For everyone else, stay tuned — as soon as we're happy with the new feature we'll be rolling it out to all RT+ customers.

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