RotoTracker Adds Support for Euro 2020, Valorant and DOTA2

New sports from FanDuel and DraftKings gets first-class support.

We have updated RotoTracker to support various new sports added by FanDuel and DraftKings.

  • Euro 2020: FanDuel has created a new sport for these contests, which was not understood by RotoTracker. We have updated the importer so that these are now correctly categorized in the existing "Soccer" sport. (DraftKings results were already correctly classified, so no changes necessary there).
  • DOTA2: DraftKings recently added both Classic and Showdown contests for the ultra-popular DOTA2 esport. We have added a new DOTA2 category.
  • Valorant: Both DraftKings and FanDuel recently rolled out contests for the team-based FPS Valorant. We have added this as a new sport.
  • Niche contests: FanDuel recently ran a couple of one-off contests: an MLB contest tied in with Amazon Prime which was categorized curiously as "tourney" and a tie-in with Dr Disrespect. We have put both into the existing "TV" sport, which is a catch-all for niche and one-off contests that do not justify their own classification.

If you have already tried to import FanDuel contests with these new sports and had errors

You just need to reimport your files and RotoTracker will "fill in the blanks" and import those previously skipped. The only catch here is that if you use RotoTracker Sync, it will by default "skip" over these old records. To get around this, you can either:

  • Change a setting to override this behavior in RotoTracker Sync and specify exactly how many results to upload. See this FAQ for more details. This will be a one-time change — you can switch it back afterwards.
  • Do a one time manual upload of your latest file to fill in recent blanks.
  • Or, alternatively, you can follow the "delete and reupload" strategy like you would DraftKings — see below.

If you have already tried to import DraftKings contests with these new sports and had errors

For DraftKings, if you wish to fill in the blanks you will need to delete your uploads back to a point prior to any errors, then do a fresh Sync and re-import. Deleting uploads is easy — just click on them in the Uploads section here and choose "delete." Then just do a fresh import manually or with RotoTracker Sync.

For more info on deleting uploads, see this FAQ.

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