FanDuel's eNAS Go-Kart contests now supported

Another quick one: We've added support for FanDuel's Sunday eNASCAR Go-Kart competition. As always, if you had errors, a quick re-import of the file should sort you out.

We've added more than two dozen sports/contests in the last couple of weeks: It started with eight new ones from FD and DK, then three more from FD, and then four more last week.

  • DraftKings CS:GO and Rocket League
  • FanDuel Horse Racing
  • FanDuel E and Sims events: eNFL, eNBA, Sims PGA, Sims NBA and now eNASCAR<
  • FanDuel A-League Australian Soccer
  • FanDuel Drone Racing League (DRL)
  • FanDuel Novelty TV events: Castaways, the Democratic Debate, later Top Chefs Cooking and The Challenge, and then last week The Bachelor and Wrestle Mania.

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