RotoTracker Adds Support for Eight New Niche and Virtual Sports

We're keeping up with all the latest sports added by FanDuel and DraftKings.

With regular sporting events suspended over the summer, DraftKings and FanDuel have greatly expanded the sports they are currently offering for fantasy sports contests. We are trying to keep up, and have just rolled out support for eight new sports!

As of today, contests of the following sports will now be correctly imported and tagged:

  • DraftKings: CS:GO and Rocket League
  • FanDuel: Horse Racing, eNFL and eNBA
  • FanDuel: A-League Australian Soccer: Filed under the existing Soccer sport
  • FanDuel: Novelty TV events on Castaways and the Democratic Debate, which will be filed together under "TV". This anticipates operators greatly expanding what they offer in terms of these one-off, novelty events.

Note that we already support League of Legends esports from both FanDuel and DraftKings.

If you receive errors over the last few days importing results from these contests, then the simplest fix is to delete these imports and do a fresh upload or Sync.

We will endeavor to keep RotoTracker up to date as operators expand their offers over the summer. If you see a site add something that we don't currently support, please get in touch using the box on the right or emailing us directly. If you can attach an example CSV file with the new sports, that's even better. The sooner we start getting in the data, the sooner we can push out an update.

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