Can you add support for my favorite DFS site?

We'd like to - let us (and them) know!

We want to support as many Daily Fantasy Sports sites as possible. Unfortunately, lots of sites either don't have the entry history export functionality, or do not provide enough data to be useful to RotoTracker.

Many sites do not have a CSV export function for entry history results — without that, there's not much we can do to add support for your favorite DFS site.

Other sites do have entry history export, but the information is very basic. Without certain fields - like the contest title, the entry cost, the amount won, and your finish position - there's little value in importing this information into RotoTracker.

Still, please let us know (with the form on the right) what site you'd like to see us support. We will look in to it and, if neccessary, reach out to the DFS site directly. It's always worthwhile also telling your favorite DFS site directly that you'd like to see CSV file export ‐ they will listen to their customers first and foremost. Point them our way - we are more than happy to work with all operators to add in RotoTracker support.

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