Support for FanDuel's Olympics and the one-off MLB Derby Contests Added

If you had errors in the last couple of days, do a reimport.

Just a quick note to say that we have just deployed a quick update that supports FanDuel's new "Olympics" sports category, as well as handle the one-off "$25K MLB HR Derby Free Play" contest, which FanDuel categorized as a new "derby" sport.

Olympics events will go into the "TV" category, which is sort of our catch-all for one-off events or niche/novelty contests. The Derby event goes in the existing MLB sport, of course.

If you did a FanDuel import in the last couple of days and got errors, this will be why. If you do a reimport now, these missing contests should import correctly. If you use RotoTracker Sync, the easiest thing to do is delete your last FanDuel uploads which had the errors, then do a fresh Sync.

Update Monday 26th July: Now also added support for OLYW (Women's Olympics events) too.

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