RotoTracker Now With First-Class Support for XFL Contests

RotoTracker will now import both DraftKings and FanDuel XFL contests!

RotoTracker has added first-class support for XFL contests. That means you will see the Sport in your Dashboard, in your cohort report, and as a filter in the Sport dropdown!

If you uploaded XFL contests prior to 9:15am EST on Monday, February 10, your data will not have imported correctly! You need to delete your last uploads and do a re-sync or re-upload to get all your DFS data in!

While we had this working within 24 hours of the first weekend's XFL games finishing, there were a lot of you understandably very eager to get your first weekend's data into RotoTracker, and tried before we could get a fix out. You will have seen that your XFL data will have not imported. If this is you, you will just need to delete those uploads with errors and try again. You should then find everything imports correctly.

Find out more on how to delete a contest entry history »

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