Over 1,000 Customers Using RotoTracker Sync

Keep your DFS entry history results up to date with our Chrome extension.

After nearly a year of being in the Chrome Store, we have over 1,000 weekly active users who are using RotoTracker Sync and we are excited about it!

The Chrome extension is completely free and makes uploading your data to RotoTracker a fuss free, quick experience, allowing you to synchronize your results from Daily Fantasy Sports sites with our service.

With a couple of clicks you can download your data from FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo and DraftDay and any new entry history results will be securely sent to our servers automatically.

The extension deals with downloading all multiple pages from FanDuel and supports files hundreds of thousands of lines long. You can also drag and drop CSV files directly onto the extension.

The extension conforms to the terms and conditions of all DFS sites, including the new 2016 DraftKings policy regarding Third Party Tools.

If you are still on the fence, here we have all our FAQs regarding RotoTracker Sync in one place.

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