DraftKings Best Ball Support, and What To Do if it is Causing Skips

RotoTracker adds full support for the new game type from DraftKings, but a change in their format may require some manual changes if you are getting skipped results.

Here's the TLDR:

  • RotoTracker now supports Best Ball contests.
  • If you have already imported some and want them recategorized, delete recent uploads and re-import, as normal
  • This also surfaced another problem: Unfortunately, if you played these in the last three months, then incomplete Best Ball contests may be in your database.
  • If you are getting weird skips right now when doing DK imports, this is why.
  • If this describes you, then again the solution is the same: delete your DK uploads back to a date prior to the first Best Ball contest. We think this first contests were 10th September, 2020. Then do a reimport.

On December 11, RotoTracker added support for the new Best Ball contests. This means that, for RotoTracker+ customers, new contests you import will be correctly categorized in your Style cohort. You will also see the style in the filter dropdown, to restrict all reports to just Best Ball contests.

If you are not a RT+ customers, then the results will still import fine, you just won't get the filtering unless you upgrade.

As normal, if you have already imported some Best Ball contest and want them recategorized under the new style you will need to delete the recent upload to roll back your database to a point prior, then do a re-import.

Getting DraftKings import skips?

However, unfortunately DraftKings has done something a bit strange with these new contest entries. If you are finding that your imports in the last 24 hours have not imported some of your contest entries, then please read ahead!

For some reason, when DraftKings started spreading Best Ball contests in September at the start of the NFL season, even though these contests were not complete, they were added to your entry history files, and RotoTracker dutifully (and unwittingly) imported them. Of course, they had no results, so all were chalked up as losses. The prize pools were all set to $0.

If you did DraftKings imports between September and now, then you will probably find these erroneous Best Ball contests polluting your database, all chalked up as losses.

The problem is that now the Best Ball contests have completed, they have reappeared at the top of CSV files, now with the correct results in! RotoTracker sees these results, notes that you already have that entry result in your database, and skips it and all other records in the file!

We have just rolled out a fix so that pending Best Ball contests in entry history files — ones that do not have a prize pool — are not now imported into your database. Instead, we just skip over them. So moving forward, if/when this happens again, RotoTracker will handle the situation better.

However, this does not fix the problem retroactively, unfortunately, and we don't want to go in and delete entries in personal databases. So if you have issues with old, incomplete Best Ball contests then you need to delete your recent DraftKings uploads back to a point prior to when these were imported. We think if you roll back to early September that should be fine.

Then do a fresh import like you normally would, either a manual upload or with RotoTracker Sync. You should then have correctly categorized, correctly recorded Best Ball contests along with everything else.

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