CSV Downloading - Understanding RotoTracker+

In this series of blog posts, we look at some of the features of RotoTracker+, an exclusive set of advanced features available to all subscribers of our Bronze, Silver and Gold plans.

One of the most interesting and requested features that we added to RotoTracker+ was CSV downloading — every table and report across the entire app can now be downloaded instantly.

However, some users might be wondering how to best make use of this feature, so in this blog post, we will set out some of the main ways you might want to download your own reports and some of the power of this exciting new feature.

I've just uploaded my CSV data to RotoTracker — why would I want to download it again?!

That's a fair question! Here are just some of the reasons why you might find this useful:

  • RotoTracker does all the hard work combining multiple histories across multiple sites. Maybe you play on more than one DFS site, and each is in its own strange format; or you play on FanDuel and have dozens 1000-line CSV files — Not particularly useful. As you know, one of the strengths of RotoTracker is putting all that data into one place. Once it is collated, downloading that as one file for your own records can be really handy.
  • RotoTracker normalizes all the data. Different sites format things in different ways. Cents or dollars? Currency signs or not? Dates formatted how? Titles escaped? Some DFS files (not naming names!) even change style mid-way through the file, or export malformed CSV! RotoTracker gracefully handles all that for you. Anything you export will be in a single, valid CSV format, with all currency values normalized to cents, titles tidied up, and dates made consistent. Open it up in Excel and you'll instantly be able to create filters, sorts and charts however you want.
  • It's not just for downloading your entries! Every report in RotoTracker supports a CSV download option. That means all your cohort reports be downloaded, and the opponent profit and points reports.
  • RotoTracker understands contests. One of RotoTracker's unique powers is understanding that you might well enter multiple entries into a single contest — that's why our contest report is the default way of presenting your list of results. This can be downloaded as a CSV file as well as the raw entries report.
  • Okay okay, I see your point. But what can I actually do with a downloaded CSV file?

    Here's some of the ways our users are making use of this feature:

    • Their own offline backup of results. Storing stuff in the cloud is great for quick web access, but some users will want a hard copy of their results. Do a monthly download of your month cohort and save it to your hard drive for own future reference.
    • Advanced analysis. RotoTracker is the best in its class for letting you analyze your data, with dozens of different, chainable filters, reporst and charts. But we understand that it doesn't do every possible combination and graph, which is why advanced users might find it useful to import their raw data back into Excel for further analysis. Thanks to our clear data format, Excel and other spreadsheet programs will instantly understand the data formats and handle it correctly.
    • Taxes. We are not tax lawyers, and this is not tax advice! However, we do know that some users find a CSV download of their daily report filtered to the last tax year very handy for filing their taxes — particularly those in states where you need to report daily amount wagered and profited.

    Anything else I should know

    I'm glad you asked...

    • Every download respects any filtering set. Want to download a a list of all your opponents filtered to only ones you've played at least five times, showing you your results at the $50 buy-in level? No problem, just set up the filters and hit the download button.
    • Ordering is respected too. If you order that opponent points report by score delta, the CSV result will be in that order too!
    • On demand, CSV files will be up to 10,000 lines long but if you need more, just contact support and we'll manually do an export for you for the whole dataset.

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