Changes to FanDuel's CSV Files for Soccer Contests

Now soccer results are presented by the league: EPL and UEFA Champions League.

In the last week, we were notified that Fanduel have changed how soccer results were presented in their CSV files. Before, all soccer games were identified simply by one "soccer" sport; now they have changed to specify the league - EPL and UEFA Champions League.

This temporarily broke our importer, and for the last week these EPL and Eufa contest results were skipped over. We have just now updated RotoTracker so that these new records are detected correctly as soccer contests.

To get your data up to date, you just need to re-upload a Fanduel file with the last week's soccer contests. Your soccer results that were skipped before will now import correctly. (The only caveat: The RotoTracker Sync browser extension will likely skip over these, so the best way is to just manually upload your last file to make sure anything in the last week imports correctly).

This is a quick fix to ensure that all your results are up to date. Moving forward, now that Fanduel correctly identifies the different leagues in the CSV file, we'd like to handle this better in RotoTracker so you can filter by different soccer leagues.

Stay tuned for that.

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